01. The children got trapped on a small rock in the middle of the water when the [tide] came in while they were playing.
02. When the [tide] is out, we can walk further along the beach.
03. I like to explore the beach when the [tide] is low.
04. An earthquake caused a [tidal] wave which destroyed a number of villages along the coast.
05. The [tidal] pools were full of starfish and other interesting ocean species.
06. The sandy beach extends way out into the bay when the [tide] is out.
07. Beware of strong [tides] when swimming in this area.
08. Chaucer wrote that, "Time and [tide] wait for no man."
09. The action of the ocean's [tide] is caused by the gravitational force of the moon.
10. The highest [tides] in the world are in the Bay of Fundy, where the [tides] can reach up to 20 meters or more.
11. Someone once joked that time, [tide] and bus drivers wait for no man.
12. The Jamaican police force have a record of loyal and honest service, despite the rising [tide] of crime and violence in the cities.
13. Low [tide] at the beach offers a great opportunity to turn over rocks, look under ledges and lift up seaweed to see the creatures living there.
14. Certain times of year have lower [tides] than others.
15. When the sun and moon are in line, they act together to produce exceptionally high and low [tides].
16. Here on the west coast of the U.S., the greatest [tidal] differences which occur average about four and a half meters.
17. France opened the world's first [tidal] power station in November of 1966.
18. Economic-development and family-planning programs have helped slow the [tide] of population growth threatening our planet.

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